formation taken from the anatomy of a black crow

Crow Chair: generated from the anatomy of a black crow

The crow is a striking bird, seen over the city of Mumbai.

They are not considered to be the most amicable birds around, but we find them to be dark, striking and dramatic. 

We wanted to capture the strength and elegance of the crow, hence the "Crow chair" came to exist. 

We studied the anatomy of the crow, and stripped it down to its bare essentials. We wanted to create a frame that looked graphic and dramatic, and hence taking the formation of a crow's legs allowed us to be experimental. We worked to create angles that give the upper frame proportion and strength, whilst still maintaining the grace of the bird.

The steel frame then gives way to a softer element, the seat cushion, which contrasts with the dynamic frame to give a sense of balance. 

This arm chair works for residential and commercial spaces, particularly office spaces and lounges, creating a dramatic effect in any surrounding.

+ specifications

 + powder coated mild steel frame + upholstery (can be customized)

+ frame colours

+black +gunpowder grey

Dimensions (in)

19"L x 23"W x 26"H x 19"L